Studies and scientific qualifications

After graduating from the Péter András Grammar School in Szeghalom in 2005, he studied law at the Faculty of Law of the EötvösLoránd University, and then graduated from the Faculty of Arts with a bachelor’s degree in aesthetics. He started his master’s studies in the same department at the Department of Economic and Social History in 2011, under the supervision of György Kövér. His attention was then focused on the topic of birth control in Ormánság, about which he also wrote his master’s thesis and then a doctoral dissertation. He completed his doctoral studies in the Doctoral Program in Social and Economic History, and his successful defense took place in the summer of 2018. Between2016 and 2018, he obtained a master’s degree in history from the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of the Eötvös Loránd University. He did shorter studies in Cluj-Napoca, Umeå and Lund.

Scientific activity

In the Crisis History Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, established in 2012, he worked first as an agent and then as a research assistant until its termination in 2017. During 2017-2018, he worked as a history teacher at the Ágoston Trefort Gymnasiumof Eötvös Loránd University. From the spring of 2019 he became a museologist in the Hungarian Agricultural Museum and Library, then in the autumn of the same year he became a scientific manager. He participates in the work of the Trianon 100 ‘Momentum’ Research Group at the HAS and in the ‘Momentum’ Ten Generations Research Group. He researched with a research fellowship at the Collegium Hungaricum in Vienna and the Institut der Donauschwäbische Geschichte und Landeskunde in Tübingen. During his university years, he won scholarships several times; received a republican scholarship in 2012. He won first place at the OTDK in 2013, and received the New National Excellence Program scholarship twice. In 2018, he received a scholarship from the National Cultural Fund. In the summer of 2019, the Hajnal István Circle awarded him the Benda Gyula Prize. He is a member of the Hajnal István Circle (member of the board since 2019), the editorial board of the Sic Itur Ad Astra historical periodical, the ELTE Historical College and the Hungarian Heraldry and Genealogical Society.